Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dark Beauty, Katarzyna Konieczka - Designer

"Ugliness can often be heart-rending, and deformation is something rare; therefore it can be interesting. Fashion can be bland and boring; I am a part of the generation that needs adrenaline, as we were growing up without any taboos. We don’t belong to puritan reality; our emotional boundaries have been altered. My generation is something like “bored children of war”. We are bored, we feel secure and we are thrill-seeking. And I like to induce emotions; how do I do it? I just drape, dye and sew fabric to make it look like a scar. Lace patterns seem to look like bugs slithering on a carcass, and the very dress resembles flayed flesh; but at the same time this outfit makes you think about Baroque, it is femme fatale and classic. You are a bit scared, but you like it as well. It is a skilful manipulation. It is like subliminal message; it makes you subconsciously admit that being scarred excites you; or that, what should disgust you, delights you"


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